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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This 'Flying Mega-Yacht' May Be the Nicest Plane Ever

This 'Flying Mega-Yacht' May Be the Nicest Plane Ever

(Photo: Greenpoint)
TSA guards with cold hands who insist on patting you down. Babies who spend the entire flight screaming in a piercing five-octave range. Flight delays so long you actually could have saved time walking.
All of those indignities we would happily bear, if only we could take all of our flights on this plane.
A ridiculously tricked-out Boeing 747-8, whose interior was refurbished by Washington-based Greenpoint Technologies, has just been delivered to an unidentified private owner. According to the Robb Report, it’s the first Boeing 747-8 (which is Boeing’s largest passenger jet) to receive Greenpoint’s VIP treatment.  And it is stunningly luxurious.

While Greenpoint hasn’t released many details about what Luxury Launches calls a “flying mega-yacht,” its website is full of digital art that give a hint as to what you’ll find aboard. It includes:
A conference room from which you and your enforcers can plot world domination:


(Photo: Greenpoint)
A luxurious office from which you can call everyone you’ve ever known and brag about your new plane:


(Photo: Greenpoint)
Now, to our super-rich(Aliko, Otedola, Ayiri and co.) here's an item to spend you money on

Welcome Back

It's been almost four years since my regular posts(though I posted
once about the Westgate Mall Attack in September 2013). Many things
have happened, many have been born and many have died, many have
smiled and many have cried, many have won and many have lost but to
the grace of our Lord Jesus am/we are still alive.

Just like some of you, I have had my fair share of joy, progress,
sorrow, loss, pain, blessings, loneliness and whatever we are abound
to face in this world as humans.

I stopped posting on this blog after my brother Kamoli  and my
maternal uncle(Bro. Kazeem may their souls rest in perfect peace) died
in October 2011, not only did I abandoned this blog, I also abandoned
my life, my family, my high school old student association project, my
closest friends, almost everything! I left Lagos Island/Obalende as
well for a remote/densely populated and overly underdeveloped Okun
Ibeju villages of (Debojo, Eleko and now Magbon). This small towns are
not befitting for someone of my standard(no boasting). I hardly surf
the internet when I first came here. Back in Obalende we or say I am
used to Cybercafes and non is even available here and when I
eventually found one, they sold their tickets for 200/30minutes(don't
ask how much an hour cost lol) and you are not to download stuffs or
open a page that contain pictures(hehehhe. Don't be surprised) so I
have to go to Bogije before I can post stuffs or use the internet
since I do not have a PC(depending on where you live, Okun Ibeju to
and fro Bogije is 300 if the village is closer).

So, that is one of the reasons I have been off for a while.

My misstress gave birth to my Baby girl Opeyemi Sekinat on 28th
2012(though we couldn't afford a naming ceremony as I was penniless at
the time). We had a lot of quarrels during these past years. My
supposed second child, a boy actually, was born on 8 of April last
year but he was showing symptoms of an undiagnosed sickness five days
after his birth and he eventually died on his supposed naming
ceremony. What a pain this was? It made me sorrowful and hopeless but
it bought bundle of blessings into my life. I really want to feel my
son around me but what can I do? God knows best.

Let's get away from this.

Nigerians have been going through the Higis and Hagas of a yet
uncertain election. Politicians promising heaven and earth, retarded
citizens causing violence, undelivered PVCs and the postponement of
the elections. What can we do about all this? Brethren and Sisters,
let God be our guide in this nation. Plus the unrelenting devaluation
of the Naira.

God help us. Mind you, am now a christian attending Christ Embassy Church

I will try my best that this blog is inundated from now on