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Saturday, July 31, 2010

12 Hot Careers and How Much They Pay

Both veteran and greenhorn workers are forced to keep up with these changes--or risk being left without a job. Based on expected growth and the number of anticipated job openings from the U.S. Department of Labor, here are 12 hot careers and how much they pay on average.

Business and Finance

Accountants and Auditors: $67,430
Accountants and auditors examine, analyze, interpret, and prepare accounting records and can work in a variety of settings. The anticipated employment growth indicates that each year 49,750 jobs will be available, with a 30 percent increase in total positions.

Financial Examiners: $70,930
Financial examiners ensure and enforce compliance with laws and regulations pertaining to financial, securities, and real estate transactions. With increased awareness of fraud and the need for regulatory compliance, financial examiners are set for an estimated 41 percent increase in total employment, with over 38,000 positions by 2018.

Personal Financial Advisors: $68,200
Personal financial advisors assist clients by determining and preparing to meet each client's financial goals, including investment strategies and retirement planning. This field can expect to see a 30 percent increase in employment, with over 60,000 positions being created in the next eight years.

General and Operations Managers: $91,570
General and operations managers are responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the operations of public and private companies. While the employment growth is expected to be low, the yearly outlook is good, providing 50,220 job openings.

Management Analysts: $84,650
Management analysts study, evaluate, and implement procedures and policies to help management perform efficiently and effectively. Because management analysts can help companies operate more efficiently (and therefore become more cost effective), this position is in demand and should see a 24 percent increase in employment, with 30,650 job openings.


Elementary School Teachers: $32,453 - $49,919
Qualified elementary school teachers are in demand for both public and private school settings. Initiatives in certain geographical locations have actually produced a temporary surplus of teachers; however, the overall employment trends for elementary school teachers will increase 16 percent, with an expected 59,650 job openings.

Post-Secondary Teachers: $53,150
Post-secondary teachers work in educational institutions such as vocational schools, academies, community colleges, and universities, and often perform a combination of both teaching and research. Job growth is expected to increase by 15 percent, with 55,290 jobs being available.

Health Care

Registered Nurses: $66,530
Registered nurses are vital to the success of the health care system and often provide the most direct patient care. Due to health care worker shortages, registered nurses are, and should continue to be, in high demand, with an estimated 103,900 job openings in the next eight years.

Physician's Assistants: $84.830
Physician's assistants provide health care services similar to those provided by physicians, while under a physician's supervision. The demand for physician's assistants has increased with an attempt to provide timelier, cost-effective patient care. The projected job growth indicates a 39 percent increase in positions, with estimated openings in the 104,000 range by 2018.

Medical Scientists: $84,760
Medical scientists work in a variety of settings, applying engineering, biology, and biomechanical principles towards the research and development of health systems and products. Medical scientists can expect to see a 40 percent increase in employment, with 40,000 additional job openings on the way.


Network Systems and Data Communications Specialists: $76,560
While many technology positions have been moved offshore, there should still be a demand for network systems and data communications specialists. These workers, who analyze, design, test, and evaluate network systems, can expect a 53 percent increase in job numbers, with close to 450,000 openings by 2018.


Truck Drivers: Heavy and Tractor Trailer: $39,260
Truck drivers transport and deliver goods while driving a tractor-trailer or other truck with a gross vehicle weight of at least 26,000 pounds. This field already employs approximately 1.8 million people, and job growth is expected to reach 13 percent, with 55,460 jobs available each year.

The Bottom Line
Changes in consumer and employer needs create a continuously evolving job market. Staying on top of current trends and gaining the necessary schooling and/or experience can help workers ensure not only that they will be able to secure a job when the time comes, but also that their career choice will enjoy some longevity.


The Expendables Trailer

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THE EXPENDABLES is a hard-hitting action/thriller about a group of mercenaries hired to infiltrate a South American country and overthrow its ruthless dictator. Once the mission begins, the men realize things aren’t quite as they appear, finding themselves caught in a dangerous web of deceit and betrayal. With their mission thwarted and an innocent life in danger, the men struggle with an even tougher challenge one that threatens to destroy this band of brothers…

Writer, director and star Sylvester Stallone brings together a powerhouse cast of action superstars - never before seen together in one film - in Lionsgate's hard-hitting action thriller, THE EXPENDABLES. The film stars Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, Randy Couture, Steve Austin with Terry Crews and Mickey Rourke. THE EXPENDABLES is produced by Avi Lerner, John Thompson and Kevin King Templeton.

In Theaters August 13 Nationwide


50 Cent's "Twelve" Co-Star Talks Filming, "He Was Getting Tattoos Lasered Off While We Were Shooting"

Actor/Rapper 50 Cent's Twelve co-star Chace Crawford has opened up about filming their new movie together and shared a few behind-the-scenes details about the rap star.

According to Crawford, Fif was in the middle of having tattoos taken off his body during the movie's filming process.

"I got to work with him a bit," Crawford said in an interview. "He's a bear. He's good. He's an interesting guy. I thought he might have some sort of persona he was trying to project, but he's easygoing. He's not trying to create some character. He wants to be a serious actor. I respect it. He was getting his tattoos lasered off while we were shooting and we had some good talks. I mean, he's cool. He lives in Connecticut and he's a super nice guy. Very intellectual." (MTV)

50 recently said he began removing his body tattoos to help limit the amount of time he needs for make-up when filming new movies.

"It cuts down on the amount of time I have to spend in makeup covering them up," 50 Cent says about his decision, which he calls "an ongoing process." Still, don't expect him to rid himself of all the ink. His arms may be tattoo free, but 50's vowed to keep a tattoo on his back. (PEOPLE)

Earlier this week, 50 hit up "The View" to speak on his portrayal of a fictional drug dealer.

"It's a totally different experience for me because I've been away from that for a very long time," 50 Cent said in an interview on "The View." "In this actual project, the character's actually darker. I've never done anything with those motivations. There's a scene in the actual film where he's excited to trade the drugs for a woman's virginity. That's darker than anything I've experienced...Well, I mean just my motivation. I didn't come there to actually hurt anyone. It was just what the environment provided for me without any requirements...Like they don't say, 'You need a master's [degree] to be a drug dealer.' Everyone's eligible. You have two hands [and] two feet... Run, the cops are coming." (The Boom Box)

Details on the film's overall plot show 50 playing the back-up to Crawford.

Do rich kids and drugs go together like peas and carrots? According to movies like "Cruel Intentions," "Black and White" and the upcoming "Twelve" thriller, starring Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, they most definitely do. In Joel Schumacher's latest film, "Twelve," high-school dropout White Mike (Chace Crawford) sells drugs to his wealthy former classmates. When White Mike's cousin is brutally murdered in an east Harlem project, he quickly finds himself on a collision course with his own destiny. (Tr3s News)

The movie is now slated to be released on Friday, August 6th.

Check out 50 Cent speaking on the new movie below:

President Obama makes 50 Cent and actor Crawford late for premiere

Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of Summit Entertainment's 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' at Mann Westwood on November 16, 2009 in Westwood, California. (Jason Merritt, Getty Images)
Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of Summit Entertainment's 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' at Mann Westwood on November 16, 2009 in Westwood, California. (Jason Merritt, Getty Images)

Rapper 50 Cent and Chace Crawford turned up late to their movie premiere because the venue was blocked by President Obama's motorcade.

The rapper/actor and the Gossip Girl star were both due to walk the red carpet in New York City for the launch of their film, Twelve, but fans were left waiting after the cast got stuck in traffic as police shut off the surrounding streets to make way for the U.S. president.

When he finally made it to the cinema, 50 Cent explained his tardiness to reporters, saying, "It's interesting. The streets are blocked off for a few avenues. We had to go all the way around to get here, but he's the president."

While Crawford joked, "We shut down the street for the premiere and for me. I didn't want any traffic, and then Obama just swooped in - figures! I mean, I called and invited him and texted him and he didn't want to come. It's just a mess!"

Lenny Kravitz's actress daughter Zoe admits she became so frustrated with the delays, she almost got out of her limousine and took the subway to the premiere.

She says, "We were in traffic for the longest time and I was like, 'What's going on?' I almost got out and took the subway, and the only reason I didn't was because it was so hot."


Justin Timberlake: 'I'm Insecure'

Justin TimberlakeJUSTIN Timberlake is “insecure” about his talent.

The 29-year-old star — who shot to fame aged 12 as a member of the New Mickey Mouse Club — claims he is still not fully comfortable either as a singer or a performer, despite winning several awards for his work.

“I think I’m equally insecure about both of them,” he said. “I’ve been doing this for two thirds of my life and I still consider myself pretty young but I think that’s the part you battle with all the time.

“When you’re creating your art, that’s the best part. Your senses are on a creative high and then the part where everyone gets to see it and comment on it, that’s the part I think you battle with until you die.

“It’s absolutely terrifying.”

Justin doesn’t want to be known only for either his acting or singing talents and thinks his early work on the children’s TV show gave him a solid grounding in both professions.

“It’s no secret I was trained as a very young kid on a TV show with a lot of other extremely talented actors and singers — Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling,” he said.
“I think we were all trained in the arts, be it song, dance or acting.”

50 Cent Keen to Work With Lady Gaga

50 CentRAPPER 50 Cent wants to work with Lady GaGa.

The Candy Shop hitmaker says he’s in awe of the Poker Face singer’s originality.

“Yeah, I would like to work with her. It’d be cool. I think she’s fresh. I haven’t seen that before. What she’s doing now is new, with all the crazy dress codes and all that stuff,” he said.

“A lot of things in music/entertainment are recycled. It’s gonna sound like a diss, but it’s no disrespect that you would see Lil Wayne wear a little black vest and that hat. I saw Cyndi Lauper wearing that; it was just on a different artist.

“And even the glasses that Jay-Z had on, that is Frank Sinatra. These are all iconic pieces coming back.”


RAPPER 50 Cent hit the red carpet in New York Friday night for the 2010 New York International Latino Film Festival.

50 Cent

Picture 1 of 4

The star — real name Curtis James Jackson III — was promoting his new movie Gun.

But despite the In Da Club hitmaker’s burgeoning movie career, 50 insists he will never retire from music.

“I don’t think I’ll retire,” he said earlier this year. “I think you should look forward to me going behind the scenes more. I still have passion for music. And the music business itself has changed.

“If you can’t figure out how to develop the brand extension and opportunities that allow you to build up the marketing dollar, I don’t see how you can continue to be a superstar.

“For me, it’s an opportunity. I wrote the screenplays. Before I Self Destruct — that was the first one I wrote and directed.

“I hate to say it’s not my best, but it was done on a budget and that makes it not as… extravagant as some of the things you’ll see from me in the future. But since then I’ve created two other projects: Gun, I wrote that screenplay, and I wrote and produced a film called Love Me, Love Me Not. So I’m looking forward to a lot of different things.”

[Pics: Sylvain Gaboury]

Friday, July 30, 2010

What to do when he doesn't call

Our resident dating experts Kevin Darling and Christine Rose give a male and female view on your dating dilemmas.…

Dear Lady and The Scamp,

I met a charming guy online and we've had three wonderful dates. We didn't kiss on the first date, but snogged on the second and third. I have really fallen for the guy, but he is not forthcoming about how he feels. He doesn't call or send texts as much as I would want. When I call, he doesn't answer. At the same time I think he is genuine. How do I let him know I have intense feelings without sounding desperate?


Kevin says:
Well, frankly it sounds like you are desperate, so this could be tricky. My advice is to put your phone down and stop texting for a second, take a deep breath and listen up…

You need to stop acting mental, or you will scare this dream man away.

I know you're not really mental (probably) but think about how you are coming across.

Imagine if you found a cute little bird in your garden, like a robin. It would be tempting to go out there poking around his nest and trying to cuddle him and smelling his eggs. But he would probably get freaked out and leave and you'd never get to see those little robin chicks hatch.

I don't know if this is a good analogy for you as you might not like birds or even have a garden (or if male robins look after eggs) but basically, the same applies to men. You can be nice to him, but you also need to give him some space.

Not only will your clinginess alarm him, it will also make him start taking you for granted. He won't feel the need to reply to a text if he knows another one will arrive 30 minutes later.

It's lovely that you've met someone you like. But he isn't your boyfriend yet. If you want him to be, you need to be cleverer and exercise some self-restraint, even if it’s against your instincts.

You say he doesn’t call or text 'as much as you would want.' What are you expecting then?
You’ve probably spent less than 24 hours in this geezer’s company, so just be patient.

Keep going on dates, cook him dinner, whatever. And by all means tell him you like him. But if it looks like he wants to take it easy, perhaps wait a bit before revealing the "intensity" of your feelings. Otherwise, he might fly the nest and your eggs will get cold.

Christine says:
It’s been three dates. I’ve spent more time than that with my postman and we’ve never met. It’s tempting to say: ‘Calm down dear, you’re one step away from hiding in his garden with his pet rabbit in a casserole dish,’ but people do have different emotional needs. While one person might be fine with a cup of tea and a firm handshake, some people might need a bit more than that on their honeymoon.

You could argue that he has met up with you three times so he must like you, but it can be frustrating when you're feeling passionate and the other person is giving you the emotional connection of a yoghurt. Unfortunately, there is a certain type of man that likes expressing his feelings as much as he likes being at a scented candle sale at Ann Diamond’s house during the World Cup Final.

However, you don’t know him well enough to ascertain this in three dates. He might just be being cautious so stop charging on ahead and give him some time to catch up. There’s nothing wrong with making him miss you a bit, so tell him you really like him, then lay off the 200 texts a day, stop baking cakes with his face on and wait for him to come to you.

If he thinks you’ve had a better offer it might make him sit up and take notice. In short, chillax and enjoy getting to know someone before you start booking the church.

Have a dating dilemma you'd like solved? Ask our resident agony aunt/uncle for an honest, heartfelt and humorous response. Send your questions to

Or check out past responses to readers' dating dilemmas.

Cage took drugs with cat

Actor Nicolas Cage once took hallucinogenic magic mushrooms with his cat after the feline mistakenly ate a handful.Skip related content

The Oscar-winner had stashed a bag of the psychedelic fungi in his fridge and was shocked when his pet Lewis pulled the door open and munched on the mushrooms.

So Cage decided to join in - and he and Lewis then spent hours staring at each other in his bedroom.

He tells chat show host David Letterman, "I had a bag of mushrooms in my refrigerator. My cat used to sneak into the refrigerator and eat them. The cat ate them voraciously, so I thought what the heck, I better do it with him.

"I remember lying on my bed for hours and Lewis was on the desk across my bed and we just stared at each other for hours - not moving, just staring at each other, and I had no doubt that he was my brother.

"But having said that I don't do that anymore. And you know what, later in life when I was completely not doing any of that, I know he said 'Hi' to me."

New squad rules a "disaster" for football, says Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger discarded his usual diplomacy when he dismissed the Premier League's new squad rules as "disastrous for football" on Friday.Skip related content

The rules introduced by the Premier League, adapted from UEFA's Champions League squad rules, state that clubs have to register a squad of no more than 25 players, which must include at least eight "home-grown" players, at the end of each transfer window.

"I believe it's a disastrous decision for football and for the players and I am quite amazed that the (players') union accepted that," the Frenchman said. "I believe it's also a very bad decision for the clubs."

As far as the Premier League is concerned, home-grown players do not have to be English but need to have been affiliated to the English FA or Wales FA for a period of three seasons or 36 months prior to their 21st birthday.

The idea is designed to increase the number of young "home-grown" players in England's top division.

Ironically, Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas, who has just won the World Cup with Spain, would qualify as a "home-grown" player because he joined Arsenal at 16 and is now 23. The new rules will not impact unduly on Arsenal's senior squad, as Wenger has at least eight players who qualify for the home grown rule.

Wenger though, whose teams in recent seasons have largely comprised overseas players, explained why he was against the move.

"I am not a big fan of it, because it means many players will be without clubs -- that's the first mathematical consequence of it," he told a news conference ahead of this weekend's pre-season Emirates Cup tournament.

"Secondly, it puts the clubs in a weak position most of the time in the transfer market because when you already have 25 players, when you buy a player, you have 26 and you have to get rid of one.

"So you have to integrate when you buy a player, how much it costs to get rid of a player."

Asked if it was better to have the new system rather than the richer clubs "stockpiling" players, Wenger replied: "It's always about negative thinking. The big clubs have 25 top players anyway, you will not stop that by this kind of decision.

"There are only two solutions. If the big clubs have already employed a player, he has to go to a smaller club.

"The smaller club pays more than its potential, or the bigger club pays part of the salary, so in both cases it's not satisfying."

The new rules apply only to Premier League matches, not European games or those in the FA Cup or League Cup.

(Reporting by Mike Collett, editing by Stephen Wood)

David James joins second tier Bristol City

England's World Cup goalkeeper David James has signed a one-year deal to play for Championship (second division) Bristol City, the club said Friday.Skip related content

James will join officially on August 1, the day he turns 40, on a contract that includes an option for a further year, City added on their website (

The experienced keeper left Portsmouth following the club's relegation from the Premier League last season. He then headed to the World Cup, where he played the last three games after Rob Green was dropped following a howler in the opener.

James had the option of a move to Scottish Premier League side Celtic. Manager Neil Lennon said he accepted James's decision not to move to Glasgow for family reasons and instead join a club much nearer his home in the west of England.

"I do think he has more to offer at a higher level than the Championship -- he is England's No.1 goalie and just played at the World Cup," Lennon said at a new conference before this weekend's Emirates Cup pre-season competition at Arsenal.

"He would have been ideal for us in terms of his experience, presence and charisma, but these things happen in football.

"But I don't think he's made a mistake, he's moved there for genuine personal reasons."

James has also played in the Premier League with Liverpool, Aston Villa, West Ham United and Manchester City and won the F.A. Cup with Portsmouth in 2008.

(Reporting by Tom Pilcher and Mike Collett, Editing by Kevin Fylan)

Freed Marlon King Eyes Football Comeback

Disgraced striker Marlon King could soon be back playing football after being released from prison, having served half his sentence for sexual assault and actual bodily harm.Skip related content

The 30-year-old served nine months for attacking a student in a London nightclub in December 2008, punching her in the face and breaking her nose.

Despite being sacked from Wigan after his conviction, his agent has said "a number of teams" are already lining up to sign the player.

He is being linked to Coventry City FC - but fans are divided on rumours of his arrival.

On the Coventry Mad website one user wrote: "Problem is now I think it would make our club look bad, he would be booed every time he touched the ball."

But another wrote: "I have absolutely no problem with Marlon King playing football for Coventry and think that if he's in shape and can play, AB (manager Aidy Boothroyd) should sign him."

King has been told he must remain on the Sex Offenders' Register for seven years but he is planning to appeal against the conviction.

He told Sky Sports News: "I have had time to sit down and analyse the situation, not just that I have put myself in but there are other people who have suffered as well.

"Not just family and friends but the club I played for. It's unfair that I have put them through that.

"I will always plead my innocence and I will do and fight this all the way."

King has 13 previous convictions, including for assault of a young woman who rejected his advances but rejects claims he has a problem with women.

"I have two daughters and a son, a wife, mother and sisters," he said.

"They know me best and know that I am not the person that has been painted in the public eye."

King would not be the first player to return to top flight football after a spell in prison.

In 2004 former West Bromwich Albion striker Lee Hughes was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving after killing a man in a car crash and fleeing the scene.

After serving three years in jail he was signed by Oldham Athletic before playing for Blackpool and Notts County.

He signed an extension to his contract with Notts County earlier this month and plans to stay with the side until the summer of 2012.

Mark Wahlberg: God most important part of my life

The cop comedy, starring Will Ferrell and directed by Adam McKay, opens in North America next Friday through Sony Pictures.

The one-time rapper and underwear model, who made his acting debut in 1994's "Renaissance Man," recently chatted about comedy, God and kids.


Mark Wahlberg: Coming from where I come from, you're always worried about what people think and you become a bit self-conscious. There's no room for that on the set of their movies. I felt confident and comfortable enough with those guys knowing that I'd be protected to put myself out there.


Wahlberg: Comedy is something I've wanted to do for a long time. But you gotta do it with the right people. If you don't, then you probably won't get too many other opportunities. I was already signed on to do the Will Ferrell, Adam McKay movie when this opportunity came up, so it was a nice way to get my feet wet.


Wahlberg: Our friendship is probably the most important aspect. We've both experienced a lot in the amount of time that we've known each other. We can say whatever we're thinking and not have to worry about hurting each other's feelings. When it came to "Fighter," I had been trying to make the movie for a long time and he got hold of the script. He kept talking to me about it and kept saying all the right things. I realized that with him is how we make the best version of the film.


Wahlberg: I promised (boxing champ) Micky Ward, whom I play in the movie, that we were gonna get it done. I trained for 4-1/2 years. There were times where I was like, "Forget about it, it's just not going to happen." But then, of course, I'm thinking, "I can't put in all this time and effort and not get it done."


Wahlberg: I need to be more patient.


Wahlberg: I pray a lot. I was raised around the church, but then I strayed off and started hanging out with guys in the neighbourhood. When I got into trouble, I turned to God. Once I started to refocus my faith, really good things started happening for me. And even when bad things happened, it was a lot easier to deal with. It's become the most important part of my life.


Wahlberg: "Dora the Explorer." Anything to do with kids, I'm pretty sharp on.

Firefox 4 Beta 2 Is Here for Mac OS X

As we have explained before, Mozilla is now making more frequent updates to our beta program. So here it is, Firefox Beta 2 has just been released, 3 weeks after Beta 1.

Firefox 4 Beta 1 already brought a large amount of new features (see the Beta 1 feature list). So what’s new for web developers in this beta?

Performance & CSS3 Transitions

The two major features for web developers with this release are Performance improvements and CSS3 Transitions on CSS3 Transforms.

This video is hosted by Youtube and uses the HTML5 video tag if you have enabled it (see here). Youtube video here.

Performance: In this new Beta, Firefox comes with a new page building mechanism: Retained Layers. This mechanism provides noticeable faster speed for web pages with dynamic content, and scrolling is much smoother. Also, we’re still experimenting with hardware acceleration: using the GPU to render and build some parts of the web page.

CSS3 Transitions on transforms: The major change for web developers is probably CSS3 Transitions on CSS3 Transformations.

CSS3 Transitions provide a way to animate changes to CSS properties, instead of having the changes take effect instantly. See the documentation for details.

This feature was available in Firefox 4 Beta 1, but in this new Beta, you can use Transitions on Transformation.

A CSS3 Transformation allows you to define a Transformation (scale, translate, skew) on any HTML element. And you can animate this transformation with the transitions.

See this box? Move your mouse over it, and its position transform: rotate(5deg); will transform transform: rotate(350deg) scale(1.4) rotate(-30deg); through a smooth animation.
#victim {
background-color: yellow;
color: black;

transition-duration: 1s;
transform: rotate(10deg);

/* Prefixes */

-moz-transition-duration: 1s;
-moz-transform: rotate(5deg);

-webkit-transition-duration: 1s;
-webkit-transform: rotate(10deg);

-o-transition-duration: 1s;
-o-transform: rotate(10deg);
#victim:hover {
background-color: red;
color: white;

transform: rotate(350deg) scale(1.4) rotate(-30deg);

/* Prefixes */

-moz-transform: rotate(350deg) scale(1.4) rotate(-30deg);
-webkit-transform: rotate(350deg) scale(1.4) rotate(-30deg);
-o-transform: rotate(350deg) scale(1.4) rotate(-30deg);

CSS 3 Transitions are supported by Webkit-based browsers (Safari and Chrome), Opera and now Firefox as well. Degradation (if not supported) is graceful (no animation, but the style is still applied). Therefore, you can start using it right away.


I’ve written a couple of demos to show both CSS3 Transitions on Transforms and hardware acceleration (See the video above for screencasts).

This demo shows 5 videos. The videos are Black&White in the thumbnails (using a SVG Filter) and colorful when real size (click on them). The “whirly” effect is done with CSS Transitions. Move you mouse over the video, you’ll see a question mark (?) button. Click on it to have the details about the video and to see another SVG Filter applied (feGaussianBlur).
This page shows 2 videos. The top left video is a round video (thanks to SVG clip-path) with SVG controls. The main video is clickable (magnifies the video). The text on top of the video is clickable as well, to send it to the background using CSS Transitions.
This page is a simple list of images, video and canvas elements. Clicking on an element will apply a CSS Transform to the page itself with a transition. White elements are clickable (play video or bring a WebGL object). I encourage you to use a hardware accelerated and a WebGL capable browser. For Firefox on Windows, you should enable Direct2D.

Warning: All contents found in this Article are properties of the Mozilla Foundation, Owners of the Mozilla Firefox browser

5 Tricks to Manage Your Manager

When the job market falters, many employees try to stay below the boss's radar for fear they might be next on the chopping block. However, it's far wiser to take the opposite approach. Now more than ever, it's important to be noticed (though for the right reasons, of course), explains Tina Chen, a director of permanent and temporary staffing firm Carlisle Staffing in Illinois.

"When companies trim staff, they will save the people who stand out because they manage their managers well," says Chen. "There are also more temporary workers now who could manage upward to get hired."

So instead of being the good-enough team member the boss has trouble remembering, use these tricks to become noticed and indispensable.

1. Understand your boss
"Managing upward requires empathy," says Aaron Nurick, professor of management and psychology at Bentley University in Waltham, Mass. Nurick believes that the key to success is being able to see the world from your manager's perspective.

Instead of becoming frustrated by the boss, observe her work style and communication preferences, and then adapt. You may be flooding the boss with emails while she finds it easier to speak via phone. Subtle adjustments on your part will make her job easier--which makes you look better.

You should also read your manager's reactions to the way you present information, says Nurick. For example, you may work for someone who loves numbers and has little patience for more abstract thinking. In that case, try presenting your boss with a quantitative analysis first, and then succinctly explain its impact. Notice, too, if your boss prefers being asked questions or given answers. Decide if you should cut to the chase or soften your opinion by adding, "Would you agree?"

2. Stay three steps ahead
Staffing expert Chen says that dealing with a boss can be like a game of chess. "Always stay three steps ahead of your opponent, and take the lead," she advises. Employees who anticipate their boss's needs before they arise will be seen as leaders and problem solvers.

Once you understand and start to think like your boss, you'll be in a better position to take initiative. Let's say, says Chen, you're asked to find a person's contact information because your boss is working on an insurance policy renewal. Respond by saying, "Yes I have his information, and would you like me to follow up with him regarding the renewal?"

"For every action there's a reaction and then another action to follow," Chen explains. In other words, anticipate additional questions or requests and handle them before you're asked.

3. Be the better half
Become indispensable by learning your manager's weaknesses and complimenting them with your strengths. Perhaps your boss is a brilliant visionary but impossibly disorganized. Rather than griping about how difficult she is to work with, make up for what she lacks by taking on the role of organizer. Suggest deadlines, remind her of appointments, and follow up on items she's forgotten. Not only will you have gained your boss's trust, you'll become the most valued member of her team.

4. Don't be afraid to speak up
Career expert and coauthor of Crucial Conversations Kerry Patterson says most employees are afraid to approach their managers about issues with their work style. In a survey he conducted, 50 percent of employees said they'd left a company because of a disagreeable boss, but only one in five had spoken with the boss about their concerns.

Patterson says the most common frustrations that employees face are micromanaging bosses and absentee bosses. Yet they rarely speak up. "People think it's risky to address these problems, but if it's handled professionally, it increases your boss's opinion of you," he says.

When initiating a tough conversation, Patterson suggests that you offer an example of a specific behavior, explain how it made you feel, and then ask for the manager's perspective.

Here's an example of what you might say: "Last week you checked in three times on a routine project. It made me feel as if you didn't trust my ability to handle it. Is that the case?" This formula opens the door to an honest conversation without the manager feeling attacked. Patterson emphasizes that it's important to point out specific behaviors and not characteristics of your manager, so that he doesn't take offense.

5. Ask for more responsibility
If you want to ensure a path to the top, Chen says you should make an impression with the even higher-ups--your manager's managers. Allow yourself to shine but don't overstep your boundaries, she warns. Your immediate boss controls your projects and promotions, so you need to maintain his trust.

A great way to gain an audience with company leaders is to ask for more responsibility. Identify a big project that you're confident you can handle, and then pour yourself into it to show what you can do. Another handy trick: Offer to head up an initiative. Maybe you become the resident expert on new software or organize a company event. Suddenly, people come to you with questions and view you as a leader.

Ultimately, make yourself valuable. Not only will you receive respect, but you may be in line for a raise.

The World's Largest Tent, Khan Shatyr, Debuts In Astana, Kazakhstan

The world's largest tent Khan Shatyr has debuted in Kazakhstan's capital city, Astana.

The nearly 500-foot tall structure is host to a variety of exciting green features, designed by Foster And Partners, who are known for implementing inspiring sustainable techniques in their other creations, like the Virgin Galactic Spaceport and the Queen Alia Airport.

Inhabitat reports that the arid region of Astana is subject to drastic shifts in temperature, so the Khan Shatyr is designed to remain between 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, even when the outside atmosphere can vary from -30 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

The tent accomplishes this climate control in an efficient way by utilizing three translucent layers of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) fabric. Take a look at lush greenery inside of Khan Shatyr basking in the sunlight brought in from the illuminating material in this photo.

In the winter, this exterior channels light and warm air to prevent condensation. In the summer, the cool air displaces the hot air which is vented through the top.

A 492-foot tripod column runs up the center of the tent, supporting a web of cables attached to the EFTE skin, stretching out to a radius of over 650 feet. Take a look at this incredible photo that shows the central tripod stretching from the uppermost peak down to the bustling visitors below.

With over one million square feet of space provided inside for the people of Kazakhstan to enjoy, the Khan Shatyr contains everything from a water park and garden to a shopping mall and movie complex. And of course, there are plenty of restaurants!

See more stunning photos of the Khan Shatyr, the world's largest tent.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Dating Younger Man, Director Alex Beh

Jennifer Love Hewitt is rumored to have found herself a new man in Alex Beh.

US Weekly reports that Jennifer Love Hewitt and Beh, an actor and director, have been romantically dating in recent weeks. Their sources say 'she's so into him,' which seems to happen with every guy she dates at first. Witnesses sourced by US Weekly say that they spotted Lovew Hewitt and Beh "enjoying a romantic date at Katsuya last week" and were reportedly were holding hands all night.

About Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt (born February 21, 1979) is an American actress, television director, voice actress, singer-songwriter, author, and film and television producer. Hewitt began her acting career as a child by appearing in television commercials and the Disney Channel series Kids Incorporated. She rose to fame in teenage popular culture in her roles in the Fox series Party of Five, as Sarah Reeves, and films I Know What You Did Last Summer and its sequel, as Julie James. As a singer, Hewitt has been signed by Atlantic Records and Jive Records. She is primarily known for her recordings in the pop genre. Her most successful single on the Billboard Hot 100 is the 1999 release "How Do I Deal", which peaked at No. 59. In addition, she has contributed music to the promotion or soundtracks of acting projects.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stop yourself from making egregious e-mail errors

Editor's note: Brenna Ehrlich and Andrea Bartz are the sarcastic brains behind humor blog and soon-to-be-book Stuff Hipsters Hate. When they're not trolling Brooklyn for new material, Ehrlich works as a news editor at, and Bartz holds the same position at Psychology Today.

(CNN) -- Composing an e-mail is kind of like making out: Everyone assumes they know what they're doing, but in reality plenty of people could use some pointers.

We're all pretty much constantly sending missives around the web. In 2009, worldwide e-mail traffic amounted to 247 billion messages per day, according to market research firm Radicati.

But practice doesn't make perfect, and myriad senders are horrifying recipients every day.

Here are three big e-mail mistakes you're probably making. (Sorry, we can't do anything about your iguana-like kissing skills. Drag.)

Egregious e-mail error: Recklessly BCC'ing and forwarding

E-mail entry forms are not that complicated. We all understand how BCC (blind carbon copy) and Forward work. Why, then, do so many people persist in using them incorrectly -- awkwardly fumbling about in the internet ether?

Use BCC when you're e-mailing a gazillion people and you don't want to junk up their inboxes with the recipient list, and/or you don't need everyone to see everyone else on the list.

For example, if you're sending a mass e-mail to let your networking contacts know you're on the lookout for a new job, it wouldn't really be good form to give everybody the e-mail address of that big-shot VP your parents know. Also use BCC if you're giving a whole list of people bad news (e.g., that they didn't get a gig).

Last year, Twitter published the e-mails of scads of rejected job applicants. Awkwardness and tail-between-the-legs sheepishness ensued.

Do not use BCC to secretly let someone know an e-mail exchange is going down. You run the risk that the idiot will fail to notice he wasn't candidly CC'ed, in which case he can hit reply-all, blow your cover and create a situation so awkward, it rivals that walk of shame where you ran into your boss in the same clothes you wore to work the day before -- only backward.

The smarter way to loop a buddy in (say, you want to clue a co-worker in on a client's latest display of stunning idiocy): Reply to the client, then forward the whole exchange to your colleague. Just bear in mind that said recipient is going to read everything in the convo up until that point.

It's easy to be like, "Oh, we're talking about meeting up at Samson's, I'll forward this last one to Samson," forgetting that Samson is going to read six e-mails into your and Julie's personal e-mail exchange, where she reveals that last night's episode of "Friday Night Lights" really spoke to her about her and Jude's relationship problems.

Egregious e-mail error: Being a thankless jerk

In interoffice e-mails, especially, the purpose of an exchange is almost always to demand or supply information. In the give-and-take, you must remember the magic words your mom drilled into your head until you were huddled terrified in the corner, simpering into your Apple Jacks: please and thank you.

When you request something via e-mail and get back what you need, it's easy to think, "Oh, I won't clutter up his tremblingly overstuffed inbox with a pointless note of gratitude."

But if you say thanks as soon as you get the info, you won't throw off his e-mail-checking routine. Just try to respond quickly -- if it's been more than 20 minutes, skip the gratuitous gratitude and tack the thanks on to the next e-mail volley. ("I appreciate your sending me those survey results last week. I'd like to set up a meeting to discuss...")

If you're the one providing the info, don't just paste it into the body of an e-mail and hit send without salutations or a sign-off. That just makes it sound like you're pissed off to have to help.

"Here you go, thanks" takes three seconds to type, and prevents resentment from brewing in the bowels of your coworkers. Leave that to pay cuts, the hellish drone of fluorescent lights and increasingly bizarre money-saving schemes.

Egregious e-mail error: Playing fascist dictator

Show of hands: How many of you under-30s have ever received the following e-mail from a higher-up?


It's typically a response to your e-mail or a forward of something someone else said, right? And yeah, it feels like a nauseating shot of Wild Turkey and makes you momentarily hate your boss, right?

Now imagine sending that same e-mail to your boss: She sends a note giving you a completely unrealistic new deadline, say, and you just hit Reply and give that question mark three jabs. Ridiculous, right?

My friend even had a higher-up pepper a message with comic book-style cuss words: "There's no way I'm calling another meeting..." Classy.

The rule here is simple: Address your employee the same way you'd address your boss. Unless you're still a two-finger typist, "I'm not clear why this hasn't been taken care of. Can you please send me a status report? Thanks," is not an onerous message to compose.

If you're especially bad at judging how your e-mails come across, there's ToneCheck, a (slightly silly) plug-in that flags harsh phrases. If you can prevent your workers from feeling like Bazooka gum on the bottom of your shoe, surprise! -- they'll actually want to impress you. Kissing ass is a whole lot easier to master than the other kind.

Ivy Bean, 'world's oldest Twitter user,' dead at 104

London, England (CNN) -- From the two-story care home where she lived in the northern English city of Bradford, 104-year-old Ivy Bean would tell her nearly 57,000 Twitter followers around the world what she did each day -- from eating fish and chips to sitting in the garden.

Bean's warm and friendly nature came across in every message, and she regularly corresponded with her followers. Even when she had a bad day, she never dwelled on it for long.

Her mischievous side would sometimes come through, like when she tweeted that some of those at the care home were sipping lager instead of water as they sat outside in the sun.

Bean once tweeted her love of young pop star Peter Andre, and it got so much attention that Andre heard about it and got in touch. He managed a visit to see Bean, and a picture of him kissing Bean's forehead as she swooned became her profile picture on Twitter.

Two weeks ago, Bean entered the hospital with jaundice, and care home manager Pat Wright took over the tweeting on Bean's account. Wright revealed that Andre called his biggest fan daily and even sent her flowers the first day she got sick.

In the past few days, Bean returned to Hillside Manor care home, but she never fully recovered from her illness. Wright informed Bean's Twitter followers Wednesday that she died "peacefully" at 12:08 a.m.

"I'm sorry it took me so long to tell you, but it was a very difficult thing to do," she wrote.

Wright didn't reveal the cause of death.

Bean's online activity drew headlines in recent years because of her age, and she had been called the world's oldest Twitter user, though that is difficult to verify. She became a member of Facebook at age 102, but she quickly migrated to Twitter because it was easier, she said, and because she could have more followers.

She had maxed out her friend limit on Facebook. Earlier this year, Bean tweeted that she had 25,000 pending friend requests.

Bean told CNN in an interview last year that she knew people must think it's amazing that she was so active online, but she considered it a good way of keeping in touch with people.

For those who find it hard to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, Bean simply offered this advice: "Keep on at it."

"Old" was not the first -- or second or even 10th -- word that came to mind with Bean, an engaging, lively and friendly lady with a warm and infectious smile.

She won a gold medal last year at the home's Over-75 Olympics in the frisbee-throwing category. And she enjoyed bowling on the home's Nintendo Wii.

No surprise, perhaps, for a lady who was a gymnast when she was younger.

What did her friends think of her online popularity?

"I think they might be jealous," she said with a joking laugh.

News outlets from around the world requested interviews with the centenarian Twitterer. Bean's daughter, Sandra Logan, said she arrived for a visit one day only to find her mom busy with a call.

"I'm on the phone with Israel," Bean called out to her daughter.

Part of the reason Bean was so active online is because the care home makes activities for its residents a priority. One resident wanted to learn more about photography, so he now takes a course once a week at a local college. The home also helped another resident get a passport so he could visit his son in Spain.

Hillside Manor also hosted a quiz with students from the local college. The subject was history. The Hillside Manor residents won.

"We're trying to do something different than knitting or crochet," Wright, the manager, said last year.

Bean came from a large family with four brothers and three sisters, none of whom are still alive.

Bean, who was in the middle of her siblings, was approaching 40 when she got married during the "great war" to Harold Gibson Bean. He was a cook in the army and she worked in a mill.

After the war, the couple got a job "in service" to a wealthy family. Ivy Bean was a housekeeper and her husband was the cook and butler to Lord and Lady Guinness in Northamptonshire, England. Daughter Sandra, their only child, was born two years later, in 1947.

The couple retired together but Harold Bean died a few years after that, when he was in his 70s, Logan said.

Bean had five great-grandchildren, who called their famous great-grandmother "Little Nan."

Wright said Bean was always "very open" to new suggestions and new ideas and was always willing to have a go at something.

"She must have been like that all her life," Wright says. "It's not a new thing. I think if you're one of those people that'll try anything through your life, it doesn't stop when you get old."

People sue Apple over 'overheating' iPads

(ArsTechnica) -- Three iPad users claim that because the iPad will shut itself off after remaining in direct sunlight for long enough, it fails to meet the promises Apple made about using the device as an e-book reader.

The group has filed a federal class-action lawsuit in the Northern California district to "redress and end this pattern of unlawful conduct."

When the iPad's operating temperature reaches a critical level, it will force itself to shut down and display a message warning the user to let the device cool down before trying use it again. This warning is the same that iPhones and iPod Touches give before shutting down when they overheat, often after being left in direct sunlight.

The lawsuit alleges that the iPad "does not live up to reasonable consumer's expectations created by Apple insofar as the iPad overheats so quickly under common weather conditions." Apple lists the iPad's operating temperature as 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C), so it's not hard to see that using it out in the hot sun can quickly heat up the device over the maximum temperature.

The plaintiffs seem to take particular issue with Apple claiming that "reading on the iPad is just like reading a book." This claim is patently false, according to the lawsuit, because a real book can be used in "the sunlight or other normal environmental conditions" without shutting off.

Most consumer electronic devices can be damaged from overheating if used in direct sunlight for long periods of time; not all of them have the automatic shutoff capability that the iPad does. (Sadly, my boom box from 1986 didn't have an automatic shutoff, and my Quiet Riot tape melted all over the inside when I left it playing by the pool on a hot summer day.)

However, during my hours-long marathon "Plants vs Zombies" sessions -- both indoors and in the shade of an apartment deck on a sunny, 82° day -- my iPad never became even warm to the touch.

The iPad may not work "just like a book" at the beach or out in the hot sun. Does that fact truly make Apple guilty of fraud, negligent misrepresentation, deceptive advertising, unfair business practices, breach of express or implied warranty, intentional misrepresentation or unjust enrichment?

The plaintiffs are seeking class-action status and asking for an injunction against Apple's "false" promises as well as "real" and punitive damages.