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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yahoo Talks Search Strategy and the Microsoft Deal

Yahoo is revealing its new plans for search here at an event it has dubbed “Yahoo! SearchSpeak,” occurring now at Yahoo’s headquarters in Sunnyvale.

While the world’s second-largest search engine is slated to be sucked up by the Microsoft mothership later this year, the team hasn’t stopped developing new features for its product.

On stage, SVP of Search Products Shashi Seth began to discuss Yahoo’s history of search and “misconceptions” of the Yahoo-Bing (Bing) deal, and still went on about the subject even after the power went out throughout the Yahoo building.

Specifically, Mr. Seth spoke about keeping users engaged with Yahoo search until the Bing deal came through (if it is approved, he specifically added).

Here’s some of what of the Yahoo team spoke about:

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