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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rare Video Footage Surfaces Of Kanye West Rapping With Late Mother Donda West

A rare video clip titled "Like Son, Like Mother" has surfaced of Kanye West and his late mother Dr. Donda West, sitting and reminiscing about one of his old rap songs.

In the clip from 2003, Kanye's disposition is completely opposite of his larger-than-life hip-hop persona. Instead, as his mother speaks, he clings on to her every word, like an eager, unassuming student.

Donda, who died in November 2007 from complications during a plastic surgery procedure, is reminding her son about one of her favorite songs from his archives.

"You know the one I always used to try to get you to do, Kanye, and you never did it?" she says, unable to recall the name of the song. But she could remember some of the lyrics, so she begins to rap them:

"I walked through the halls of the school/ And it's cool to be known for my rapping ability/But what about those who ain't got it like me?"

She can't remember all the lyrics, and hums through some of the song. Her demonstration helps Kanye remember the words.

"That's a good rhyme, right?" Kanye says, blushing.

"I said, 'Kanye keep on doing it'," Donda replies. "'That's a million dollars. Remember everything you would do I would say, 'That's a million dollars?'" picks up the song from the top, as Donda raps alongside him, more like a fellow MC in a cipher than a former chairwoman of Chicago State University's English department.

The clip makes it more evident why Kanye has written so many endearing lyrics about his mother. For his 2005 sophomore album, Late Registration, he featured the song "Hey Mama," an ode to Donda for taking care of him, never putting a boyfriend before him, and for supporting his decision to pursue his career in music. his feature on Young Jeezy's "Put On," Kanye raps, "I lost the only girl in the world that know me best."

For his forthcoming album, Kanye has another track for Donda, "Mama's Boyfriends." On this one, a jealous 5-year-old Kanye wrecks havoc whenever Donda brings a boyfriend around.

The "Like Son, Like Mother" video captures their bond, her support and influence, and his humble gratitude for her interest.

It's a genuine parent/child moment that transcends the music.

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