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Saturday, July 31, 2010

12 Hot Careers and How Much They Pay

Both veteran and greenhorn workers are forced to keep up with these changes--or risk being left without a job. Based on expected growth and the number of anticipated job openings from the U.S. Department of Labor, here are 12 hot careers and how much they pay on average.

Business and Finance

Accountants and Auditors: $67,430
Accountants and auditors examine, analyze, interpret, and prepare accounting records and can work in a variety of settings. The anticipated employment growth indicates that each year 49,750 jobs will be available, with a 30 percent increase in total positions.

Financial Examiners: $70,930
Financial examiners ensure and enforce compliance with laws and regulations pertaining to financial, securities, and real estate transactions. With increased awareness of fraud and the need for regulatory compliance, financial examiners are set for an estimated 41 percent increase in total employment, with over 38,000 positions by 2018.

Personal Financial Advisors: $68,200
Personal financial advisors assist clients by determining and preparing to meet each client's financial goals, including investment strategies and retirement planning. This field can expect to see a 30 percent increase in employment, with over 60,000 positions being created in the next eight years.

General and Operations Managers: $91,570
General and operations managers are responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the operations of public and private companies. While the employment growth is expected to be low, the yearly outlook is good, providing 50,220 job openings.

Management Analysts: $84,650
Management analysts study, evaluate, and implement procedures and policies to help management perform efficiently and effectively. Because management analysts can help companies operate more efficiently (and therefore become more cost effective), this position is in demand and should see a 24 percent increase in employment, with 30,650 job openings.


Elementary School Teachers: $32,453 - $49,919
Qualified elementary school teachers are in demand for both public and private school settings. Initiatives in certain geographical locations have actually produced a temporary surplus of teachers; however, the overall employment trends for elementary school teachers will increase 16 percent, with an expected 59,650 job openings.

Post-Secondary Teachers: $53,150
Post-secondary teachers work in educational institutions such as vocational schools, academies, community colleges, and universities, and often perform a combination of both teaching and research. Job growth is expected to increase by 15 percent, with 55,290 jobs being available.

Health Care

Registered Nurses: $66,530
Registered nurses are vital to the success of the health care system and often provide the most direct patient care. Due to health care worker shortages, registered nurses are, and should continue to be, in high demand, with an estimated 103,900 job openings in the next eight years.

Physician's Assistants: $84.830
Physician's assistants provide health care services similar to those provided by physicians, while under a physician's supervision. The demand for physician's assistants has increased with an attempt to provide timelier, cost-effective patient care. The projected job growth indicates a 39 percent increase in positions, with estimated openings in the 104,000 range by 2018.

Medical Scientists: $84,760
Medical scientists work in a variety of settings, applying engineering, biology, and biomechanical principles towards the research and development of health systems and products. Medical scientists can expect to see a 40 percent increase in employment, with 40,000 additional job openings on the way.


Network Systems and Data Communications Specialists: $76,560
While many technology positions have been moved offshore, there should still be a demand for network systems and data communications specialists. These workers, who analyze, design, test, and evaluate network systems, can expect a 53 percent increase in job numbers, with close to 450,000 openings by 2018.


Truck Drivers: Heavy and Tractor Trailer: $39,260
Truck drivers transport and deliver goods while driving a tractor-trailer or other truck with a gross vehicle weight of at least 26,000 pounds. This field already employs approximately 1.8 million people, and job growth is expected to reach 13 percent, with 55,460 jobs available each year.

The Bottom Line
Changes in consumer and employer needs create a continuously evolving job market. Staying on top of current trends and gaining the necessary schooling and/or experience can help workers ensure not only that they will be able to secure a job when the time comes, but also that their career choice will enjoy some longevity.

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