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Monday, June 20, 2011

Gaga Goes Bald & Beautiful For "Hair" Performance

Lady Gaga is known for her colorful collection of wild wigs, but for a recent performance on Britain's "The Paul O'Grady Show"--ironically of her Born This Way track "Hair"--she went hairless, startling fans by sporting a boldly bald new look. Perhaps after rocking every outrageous hair style and color imaginable since her hair-raising rise to fame in 2008, Gaga felt there was nothing left to do that could shock her fanbase except wearing no hair
at all.

And the stunt worked. The spectacle of seeing a glam icon so associated with crazy hairdos belting out "I'm as free as my hair" while appearing totally hair-free was a shocker, and it wasn't long before "Bald Gaga" was a top trending topic on Twitter.

Well, Gaga wasn't entirely hair-free for her pre-taped "O'Grady" performance: Her piano was blanketed in synthetic hair, and from the neck down she was swathed in a dress that appeared to be fashioned out of turquoise Muppet follicles. And about halfway through her song, she reached for a matching blue pageboy wig, which was sitting atop her piano, and positioned it on her bare head.

While concerned fans feared that Gaga had pulled a Britney and shaved her scalp on a whim, a closer look at her "O'Grady" footage indicates she just wore a bald skullcap on the show. (Calls to Gaga's record label were not returned at press time.) But only her hairdresser knows for sure.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's bare new look?

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