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Sunday, June 12, 2011

When Mavs fans turn their heads into creepy basketballs

When Mavs fans turn their heads into creepy basketballs

There really isn't much more I can add to this. Yardbarker found a picture of a Dallas Mavericks fan who had turned his head into a strangely deflated basketball. My editors and I agree that you should see this gentleman's head. I would also like to point out, with a heatwave sweeping much of North America, that you probably shouldn't do this to your, or anyone else's, head.

Unless you really, really like the Mavs. Because we already know that you don't like the Heat.

Yahoo!'s own Jason Sickles documented the fan's apparent first attempt at creating this rather unhealthy alter-ego in a column from last month:

"I shaved my head and eyebrows," he boasted.

Caked in orange and black paint, Perez's smooth noggin resembled a basketball ready for play.

"This is my first time to ever do something like this," the Keller resident said.

Apparently the fan, named Frank Perez, makes himself up as the ball in order to score free tickets to Mavericks playoff games, given away by team officials hoping to fill the stadium with all sorts of crazy. Mission accomplished, Frank! And we'll be on the lookout for His Orangeness in Thursday's Game 5.

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