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Monday, June 6, 2011

Rooney gets hair transplant, promises pictures

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney's rapidly receding hairline has been a sensitive subject for him in recent years. He said as much when teammate Michael Owen cracked a joke about it on Twitter not long ago. Given that, it should come as no surprise that he decided to take action against his fleeing follicles.

It is, of course, none of our concern what he does with his hair. But since invasions of privacy are what they do best, The Sun tracked him down and ran a front-page story on Saturday revealing Rooney's "secret visit" to a hair clinic for eight-hour treatments.

So, Rooney took to Twitter ahead of England's Euro 2012 qualifier against Switzerland (for which he was suspended) and decided to embrace the fact that his secret is out:

One look at the reason #hairwego is trending on Twitter and you'll see that Wayne might be confusing jokes for support. But I say good for him. If his lack of hair was upsetting him, why not do something about it? And having a sense of humor about it becoming a story is even better. If only he did the same thing with reports of his prostitute-loving ways.

Wayne later said that he'll send out a picture of his new 'do on Monday morning. Here's our horribly photoshopped best guess as to what he will look like...

Top photo: Reuters

Down Photo: Twitter

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